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Welcome to, where we have a database of MLB atbat and pitch data going back to the 2010 season. This site provides a way for you to view that data for any pitcher or batter based on filters you define, such as pitch speed, pitch types, base-out states, and many others. is in its infancy, but can be much, much more. Here is how you can participate:


If you have an ideafor a feature, file an issue on our GitHub page. We read every submission. If you find your idea has already been submitted, please comment and watch the issue. Issues that are generating a lot of interest will bubble to the top of the queue.

Code is open-source software. If you're a developer, I invite you to read our Developer Guide. Developers that contribute significantly to the project will get visibility in the Developers section.

The Developers

Ryan Kruse

I'm the creator of and a software developer from Austin, TX. Originally from Minnesota, I'm an avid Twins fan. I love baseball and writing software.

Albert Lyu

I'm a business intelligence developer from Chicago, IL. When I am not writing code or reading about sports analytics, I am rooting for Northwestern Wildcat football.

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Are you a software engineer with a love of baseball? Visit our GitHub page to join in. Just fork the code, implement a feature or fix a bug, and submit pull requests back to the main line. If they're good, they're going in.

The Data

Using the atbat-mongodb project, we pull pitch and at-bat data from each day's baseball games and store it in our own MongoDB database. Data is available back to the 2010 season.

Data from each day will be available by 6AM EST on the following day. is not affiliated with MLB, MLBAM or Sportsvision, although we are very grateful to those organizations for their technological advancements that have made sites like possible.

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